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Foundation of a balanced financial portfolio

This is a typical basic type of balanced financial portfolio. The items in each sections are examples of types of contents. So for instance, under Protection, you can have only Term Insurance without others. And for the Savings, you can have only Personal Saving Accounts.

The main purpose of this Pyramid is to show a stable foundation of personal financial portfolio. One should always build their Pyramid with good foundations like Protection and Saving before they do investment. As investment risk is unavoidable, a solid base will hold up the investment in bad times.

Personally I had came across 5 million and give your best!All jackpots!Approach the Carnival competition with your online casino nederland eyes on leading the parade! Finish out in front of our 500-place Leaderboard by collecting points at any slot free online casino games until 04. some high net worth clients who has the above Pyramid without the base of Protections. They had very solid Net Assets like cash and properties as their base. However I would still recommend them to get Term insurances to cover for unforeseen circumstances while setting aside funding for long term cares at the later age. This is important as I do not wish to see their “Savings” to be depleted by lack of protections.


The Pyramid at the right is also rather common for young adults. They may or may not have strong base of Protections or Savings, however they like to do lots of investment. This kind of higher risk portfolio are more suitable for young adults who has nothing to lose with lesser liabilities like children and ageing parents.

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Income replacement VS Expenses replacement

p style=”text-align: center;”img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-140″ title=”money” src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”180″ //p
These 2 methodologies are meant to calculate how much insurance coverage is needed.

strongExpense analysis and replacement/strong is a more robust methodology, but required more data and facts to perform. Whereas strongIncome replacement /strongmethodology will be a simpler way to calculate as income is a constant and relatively stable figure.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”strongIncome replacement/strong/span is further simplified by most insurance agents as below:
span style=”color: #0000ff;”10 X annual income = Insurance coverage needs/span
span style=”color: #0000ff;”Est. income $3000/month/span
span style=”color: #0000ff;”10 X ($3000×12) = $360,000/span
emspan style=”color: #ff0000;”This planning may be okay for a basic planning especially for young adult, however if you apply this to a high income profile, or even a family man with more liabilities, the coverage needs will In de certificering staat ook dat een online casino a href=”” verantwoordelijk is voor gokverslaving. not be accurate or casino online of necessarily./span/em

img class=”size-full wp-image-142 alignright” title=”Needs” src=”” alt=”” width=”170″ height=”192″ /

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”strongExpense analysis and replacement/strong/span requires more facts and figures to This is all the more amazing since you are not particularly demonstrative and your musculature is not as visible and that of leo weekly horoscope and Aries people. study and calculate.

span style=”color: #0000ff;”Immediate Cash at Death em-ie Funeral/em/span
span style=”color: #0000ff;”Monthly household expenses/span
span style=”color: #0000ff;” Liabilities/Loans em-ie housing loan, credit card, car loan, study loan/em/span
span style=”color: #0000ff;”Dependents” living expenses (years to support) em-ie young children, retired parent, spouse/em/span

Sum the above with the applicable inflation rate factored in will be the estimated insurance coverage required.

emspan style=”color: #ff0000;”Do note that this is only for Death protection calculation. Meaning critical illness, medical expenses, disabilities and accidental coverage are not included. Same methodologies can be applied to the other needs and normally a different plan will be required./span/em

emspan style=”color: #ff0000;”If you need help in planning, click on stronga title=”Contact Me” href=””Contact Me/a/strong/span/em

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Insurance Quotations (Benefit Illustration) understanding

Understanding Insurance Quotations is a very important process before you make a purchase. This will enable you to see what are you getting and the values of the policy. Thanks to the MAS regulations, all companies are required to show most of the “Good(s)” and “Bad(s)” of the policy in the Benefit illustrations (BI).

There are a few common tables in the BI which are: Death/protection Benefit, Surrender Value, Deductions and Distribution Cost table.
p style=”text-align: center;”a href=”” target=”_blank”img class=”size-full wp-image-115 aligncenter” title=”Quotation-Death-benefit” src=”” alt=”” width=”541″ height=”347″ //a/p
strongDeath/Protection Benefit Ta/strongstrongble/strong explains the claim upon Death inline with the years. As policy with Cash Value will accumulate bonuses as declared by company yearly, they will also have Bonus Sum Assured. This will add up to the total Death Benefits. Do note that the Bonuses are not guaranteed, therefore the Bonus Sum Assured which depended on it will not be guaranteed too.
p style=”text-align: center;”a href=”” target=”_blank”img class=”size-full wp-image-122 aligncenter” a href=””jameshallison casino/a title=”Quotation-surrender” src=”” alt=”” width=”509″ height=”234″ //astrong /strong/p
strongSurrender Value Table/strong shows the values you will casino be getting back if you terminate the plan. This will also have span style=”text-decoration: underline;”guaranteed/span and span style=”text-decoration: underline;”non-guaranteed/span portion which when added up together will show the total surrender value. If you can see the highlighted rows, break-even will always take more than 10years.
p style=”text-align: center;”a href=”” target=”_blank”img class=”size-full wp-image-125 aligncenter” title=”Quotation-deduction” src=”” alt=”” width=”507″ height=”265″ //a/p
strong /strong

strongTable of Deduction/strong shows the total cost of the plan. These costs includes the agent”s commission, overriding commission to managers, advertising expenses, overhead expenses of the company and the profits for shareholders. This does not add on to the premium but already included in. As highlighted in the image above, these values are the same with the surrender value table above too.
p style=”text-align: left;”a href=”” target=”_blank”img class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-110″ title=”Quotation-distribitom-cost” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”253″ height=”300″ //a strongTotal Distribution Cost table/strong shows the commission payout. This will normally be paid in couple of years depending on the plan type and the duration of the plan. This table shows the total commission payable from your premium over 6 years is $1876./p

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Interesting Facts and Truths of Insurances

• Nobody will wake up in the morning and realize they need insurance.

• Most people who are interested in getting a insurance do not know what they really need.

• Most insurance that people first bought was Endowment (without knowing it”s insurance)

• People who are most eager to buy insurance are normally people who cannot be insured due to medical conditions.

• Insurance do not cheat people, it”s the people selling it who lies.

• Premium for insurance is always too high to pay, but Unless the partner”s Jupiter is heavily afflicted (square to harsh planets, difficult 8th, 12th, casino 6th Houses), if one or the two lumin a href=”” is in conjunction with the partner”s Jupiter, there is a strong factor of understanding, a sort of binding substance for the couple. coverage is always too little to claim.

• Insurance do not make you rich, they help you to be less poorer when you need them.

• Many parent bought insurance for their children because they love them, but to truly benefit the children is to buy insurance for themselves.

• Insurance is part of financial planning but financial planning is not just about insurance.

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Endowment ~ Saving plans

Endowment is commonly called strong”Saving Plan”/strong where you save for a time frame of min 5years and up to 30years depending on the plan. It will matured at the end of the time frame and pays you a lump sum (normally guaranteed and non-guaranteed). emspan style=”color: #0000ff;”* Most endowment term is min 5years and any early surrender will most likely to lose capital invested./span/em

It can be in the regular mode of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and even single payment of lump sum.

The truth of Endowment is strongit is an INSURANCE plan/strong. Meaning it will have Sum Assured.

So the question here will be, What are the differences between an Endowment and Whole life plan?

img class=”size-full wp-image-74 alignright” title=”endowment” src=”” alt=”” width=”346″ height=”187″ / Well, if you take a look at the diagram on the right, it will roughly explain the differences between the 2. The Endowment will have a smaller amount of insurance portion while the Wholelife plan will have more on the Insurance.

This will explain the strongmain difference/strong between Endowment and Wholelife plan, strongexcluding all the fancy features and riders added/strong to the plans either through “in-built” or “attachment”. emspan style=”color: #0000ff;”*Most companies will add in special features into the plan as “in-built” which also mean not an option. And with these features, the plan will be marketed as a new product!!/span/em

There are mainly 3 types of Endowment Plan available in the market.
liPure Endowment/li
liAnticipated Endowment/li
liSingle Premium Endowment/li
strongspan style=”text-decoration: underline;”emPure Endowment/em/span/strong is the straightforward type of Endowment where you get back a lump sum maturity amount at the end of the chosen period/term. Any early surrender or withdrawal of bonus will causes online casino loses of interests and even capital invested.

strongspan style=”text-decoration: underline;”emAnticipated Endowment/em/span/strong is a modified Endowment Plan where you have option to withdraw money a href=”” call strong”coupons/cashback”/strong after a specific years onward based on a percentage of the Sum Assured (normally 5%) depending from company to company. Some company offer strong”coupons/cashback”/strong every year from 25th month onward, some offer every two years.  The strong”coupons/cashback”/strong offered can usually be re-invested or be withdrawn anytime to provide flexibility for people so that they will not be caught in the event of tight cash flow. emspan style=”color: #0000ff;”*Do not withdraw the strong”coupons/cashback” /strongunless necessary as this will forfeited the flexibility of the plan when you really in need of cash./span/em

span style=”color: #ff0000;”Important points to note on this kind of plan is that the strong”coupons/cashback” is span style=”text-decoration: underline;”NOT INTERESTS/span!! /strongThere are many cases or misrepresenting of this “coupons/cashback” as interests and the Benefit illustration will seemed too good to be missed. There are no such good plan in the world./span

strongemSingle Premium Endowment/em/strong is an Endowment Plan that accept single lump sum payment instead of regular payment over the years. This works like Fixed Deposit except it is tied to a longer term and early surrender might causes loses in capital too like most other plan which has cash value.

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Term Insurances

It provides protection coverage for a limited period (normally 5-30years) and has NO cash value.

Term insurance is the cheapest protection coverage available. It is usually purchased to cover the financial liabilities of young children, non-working spouse and retired parents. Some Term insurance are renewable at the end of term, however renewal price will be based on the increased age”s rate.

Some Term insurance policies are Convertible, meaning they can be converted to another policy with cash value if desired without proof of medical.

There are 3 main types of Term Insurance in Singapore, mainly strongYearly renewable term/strong, strongLevel Premium term/strong and strongDecreasing term/strong.

strongYearly Renewable term/strong insurance covers for 1 year, and is renewed every year up to the age limit, without the need to provide evidence of insurability. The premiums increases based on the age yearly. This Term can be cheaper when you are a href=””slot machines/a young, however the After exchanging some heated words, Orly appeared to throw a punch at and it was all caught on video of online casino course. premium can be expensive at a later age.

strongDecreasing term/strong insurance are like mortgage insurance. The coverage decreases over the term with a level premium. This term insurance is also cheaper when compared to Level Premium term. Most people use this to cover for car and study loans, just like mortgage insurance covering housing loan.

strongLevel Premium Term/strong is a Term Plan that both Insured Amount and Premium remain the same throughout the Term of Coverage. This is the most commonly available term plan in the market where most agents / advisers will market as it is easy to explain as well as for the clients to understand.

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Buy term and invest the difference

p style=”text-align: center;”a rel=”attachment wp-att-51″ href=””img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-51″ title=”investment” src=”” alt=”” width=”371″ height=”247″ //a/p

strongspan style=”text-decoration: underline;”Buying term and investing the difference/span/strong emis a concept involving term life insurance and investment strategies that allows individuals to eventually “Self Insure” and provides an alternative to permanent life insurance. Generally speaking term insurance premiums are considerably less expensive in the short term than permanent life insurance for an individual for the same benefit amount. Permanent programs are more expensive because they force the policy owner to “Self Insure” by combining some form of cash accumulation with the insurance program as a single package. Consumers making use of the “buy term and invest the difference” concept separate their investments from their insurance by setting aside money every month equal to the premium that a permanent plan would require, then use a portion of this online casino money for the term premium and place the rest in a tax-deferred investment vehicle./em


em /em

strongspan style=”text-decoration: underline;”My views/span/strong

strongspan style=”text-decoration: underline;” /span/strong

Well, this strategy indeed works in my opinion, only if you really invest in a very strongspan style=”text-decoration: underline;”discipline/spand/strong, over a very long period and planned investment instruments.

a rel=”attachment wp-att-52″ href=””img class=”alignright size-full a href=””pokie online/a wp-image-52″ title=”timeVsmoney” src=”” alt=”” width=”144″ height=”180″ //a

However; some points to note in Term Insurance are that it normally covers for a period of 5-30years. This means that after 30years, you will not be covered anymore. Thus at this point of time, your investment portfolio has to be successfully built casino spiele and prepared for any worst case situation. This investment portfolio is strongNOT/strong your retirement funds, although it can partially be, only if you had planned and calculated for it.

For Term insurance, do look for Critical Illness coverage and Medical Shield Plan is a strongMUST/strong to supplement this strategy.

strongTerm (Death TPD) Term (Critical Illness) Medical Shield Plan/strong

So end of the day, you are saving portion of the premium from buying a whole-life insurance to buy Term insurance and use the differences to do regular investment. In the most ideal scenario, this strategy might give you a potentially higher “coverage” and allows a more flexible cashflow.

However, I have stronger belief in my own strategy of Total Protection with Investment separated with each having their own purposes. Investment will be only use for Saving and/or Retirement purposes. With a combination of Wholelife plan, Term insurance, Medical Shield plan and General Insurance, I come up my TOTAL PROTECTION strategy.

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Risks and Returns for Investment

a rel=”attachment wp-att-42″ href=””img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-42″ title=”risk return” src=”” alt=”” width=”400″ height=”320″ //a

Points to note is strongRisk/strong is always measured against strongReturns/strong. Investment has to be planned and measured depending on thestrong Capital available, Time horizon/strong and strongAppetite./strong

To make Efficient investment, we need to reduce Risk while maintaining the Potential Returns.

Higher Risk = Higher Potential Returns

Lower Risk = Lower Potential Returns

strongspan style=”color: #3366ff;”Major Sources of Investment Risk/span/strong

strongBusiness risk/strong – The risk that the company’s profit margin may be lower than expected due to inefficient management, bad trading policies and changes affecting that industry.

strongFinancial risk/strong – The risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital in the event of the failure of a company or scheme due to an unsound financial structure.

strongMarket risk/Volatility/strong – The risk of capital loss and instability of invested capital, as well as variations in the return from that capital.  It is caused by market cycles and movements in the market.  It can mean the value of capital can vary, both positively and negatively.  These variations can be daily or less frequently.  They can vary significantly or not much at all.  They can be sudden and unexpected or it can be slow and predicted.

strongMarket timing risk/strong – Economists often use economic cycles (ie. the pattern of the economy), to try and predict when a market will rise or fall.  However, this is extremely difficult, as economic cycles are never exactly the same with the same timing.

strongEconomic risk/strong – Risk relating to changes in inflation rates, interest rates, etc.

strongPolitical risk/strong – Changes in Government and Government policies.

strongInterest rate risk/Re-investment risk/strong – Some investors attempt to avoid volatility by investing in fixed online casino rate investments.  They then face the risk that when the investment matures the money may Oavsett leverantor kan du alltid spela en mangd videoslots och a href=””spelautomater online/a (inklusive nagon eller nagra jackpottslots) samt Blackjack och roulette. have to be reinvested and interest rates could be significantly lower.  Thus, if they are relying on the interest as income this income could dramatically decrease.

strongCredit risk/strong – When money is placed with banks and companies through term deposits and debentures they use it in their businesses and pay an interest rate for doing so.  The risk here is the financial ability of those institutions to be able to pay the interest and/or repay the capital on the due date.

strongMismatch risk/strong – This means that although a chosen investment may be considered a good investment for certain investors, it may be a poor one if it does not suit the needs and circumstances of the investor.

strongInflation risk /strong- Whether inflation is high or low, the cost of goods has always increased over time.  If the chosen investment does not at least grow at the same rate then the real purchasing power of the money is being eroded.

strongLiquidity risk/strong – Considerable problems can occur if money is required for unforeseen expenses and the investments cannot be turned into cash quickly or without costs.

strongLegislative risk/strong – Long-term investment strategies can be selected based on current tax laws and regulations.  If these should be changed later then the results required could be badly affected.

strongRisk of not diversifying/strong – Diversifying investments means spreading the capital across various areas.  Generally speaking these areas are the actual assets, or markets, in which the capital is invested.  If your investment capital is reliant on one asset, or one class of asset, you are exposed to the risk of not diversifying.  By spreading your investment capital amongst various assets and asset classes, should one area do badly, not all the capital is affected.

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Insurance Basics

This article will help you to have a general understanding of Insurance in Singapore as well as some tips and guidelines for choosing and planning for your needs.
Insurance Definition/strong
emA contractual agreement of compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic/single payment (premium).
*Future losses include Death, Total permanent disabilities, Critical illness, Medical Bills and more./em

Singapore has more than 140 registered insurers, of which about 20 of them are online casino dedicated life insurers. Government opened up the industry to foreign companies in year 2000, thus numbers of vendors and policies have multiplied. Leading companies include American International Assurance, AXA, Great Eastern, HSBC and NTUC INCOME, each offering a variety of standard and unique products.

There are 5 Joueur de a href=”” rel=”nofollow”machine a sous gratuite/a en ligne et blogger. main group of coverage which will provide you with total protection:

1. Death/TPD* protection
2. Critical illness protection
3. Medical protection
4. Disabilities protection
5. Personal Accidental protection

*TPD = Total permanent disabilities

There are many insurance policies that cover 2 or more of the above in a single policy plan. All calculated and priced accordingly based on your age/condition/job against company”s mortality rate.

Main Types of Insurance policies:
liWhole life/li
liInvestment-Link (ILP)/li
liGeneral Insurance/li

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